In 1774 the first Provincial Congress met. Their first course of action was to hold a 2 hour prayer session. From then on they set a precedence by having 15 Congressional Prayer Proclamations, where they would alternate between Prayer and Fasting, and Prayer and Thanksgiving.
By the year 1815 the US had had 1,400 official prayer proclamations.
In recent years the history has been rewritten that our founding fathers were a group of agnostics and atheists. Their actions however speak against that narrative.
We now live in a society where it is frowned upon for a student to thank God at a graduation ceremony.
If you believe the narrative that the US is not a Godly Nation then by all means, continue the course the ship is on. To claim the US as a Godly Nation is not a proclamation of guilt and superiority, it is to acknowledge that man is not where inalienable rights come from but granted to us by a Creator.
If however you think that our ship has gotten off course, it’s time to grab the rudder, and pray for God’s direction in steering. But first we need an attitude of humility, repentance, and prayer for the Holy Spirit to move in the lives of believers.

Whether you chose to believe the founding fathers had the overwhelming sensation that God was on their side or not, the history shows that was the prevailing belief of the majority.

I’d say Christian’s need to act and move without the prompting of the government and start praying for this country, it’s leaders and it’s people.  Pray that we can act and be on God’s side.