Are you ready to draw a line in the sand?

As I said yesterday, there will be plenty of commentary later. Now I believe we may need to turn off the commentary.
We are in a time where it is desperately needed for the people to formulate their own opinions about what is happening around them.
Freedom of the press ensured that they would be the ones to deliver the news based on truth, facts, and dignity.
I am evermore sure we are in a time where every person must draw their personal line in the sand. What do you as an individual feel is the point where the country has gone too far? I’m not asking you to pick someone else’s definition of what is too much. What is your threshold?
You may find that your personal limit may have already been crossed.
We must seek Truth, as it is clearly not seeking us out in this time of division.
We must yearn for Justice, one that is still blindfolded and equal to All.
We must demand Unity, one that says “I may not agree with you, but as a fellow American I will stand at your side to defend your right to be free”
We have a lot to work on, but we can only start by uniting our efforts instead of dividing our voices.