My Fellow Americans

You’ve heard it a hundred times, possibly more, and mostly from a presiding President. “My Fellow Americans”. What does it mean? It may not mean much to you, or if you are like the few who recognize this rallying cry, it means more than gold to you.

Many will believe it is just a phrase used to define a demographic. A populace that are occupying a given location. And on the surface it looks like 3 words combined to form a statement. But what does it mean, and why is it so often used.

To hold a citizenship one must either be born into it, or acclimate and follow due course to achieve the status of Citizen.  You can be a citizen of France, Russia, Spain or South Africa, some people even hold dual citizenship in multiple countries at once.

But what does it mean to invoke your fellow Americans?

For two hundred and forty-four years this country has stood as a light on a hill.  Many have given up everything they had in the hopes of reaching our shores (legally I might add) to have a taste of freedom.  Many left home and family to reach our ground in the hopes that they could then bring their families to join them.  In an age of entitlement and the idea that “hard work” is the mentality of the old, many who are here in our country today do not have the faintest clue of what those who worked hard, fought wars, bled, and many died for.

My Fellow Americans is more than a reference to a group. It is a call to action.  For those who love their country and accept the bad with the good, and know that we may not be perfect but we struggle and toil everyday to become better.  My fellow Americans is the call for We The People to Unite!

Since the founding of this country back in 1776 those who represented the people knew that in order for them to make any declaration to the King, they must all be unified in that call.  They refused to enact a document that a “majority” accepted, they needed 100% compliance from all states to stand resolve and declare their independence.  Did they agree on every issue, not at all, but they found the common ground where they could all come together and unanimously agree.

That idea that is foreign to a lot of the world.  It’s one of the reasons why Marxist, communist, and socialist countries hate America.  And dare I say it, the very Marxist, communist, and socialist groups inside our own borders fundamentally hate that about our country.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

Make no mistake, the enemy of We the People know this quote to be true.  They desire nothing more than to crumble this country from it’s very foundation.  They want nothing resembling this great country to survive.  They want America to falter.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Another quote by Abraham Lincoln, which was not received as he had hoped the day it was delivered, but it proved to be the foresight that could only end in a Civil War.

So what does “My Fellow Americans” mean? It is the call for all those who love their country to come together, to find the common ground we agree on, and stand resolute on the idea that this Great Country is worth fighting for, and must be saved from all threats foreign and domestic.  It is the idea that love of country goes beyond the individual.  The Idea that this country was founded on the principles that all men are free, and that individually we stumble, but United We Stand!