Out of Many, One

In 1776 fifty-six Men from the 13 colonies came together in unison to sign the Declaration of Independence. They agreed that if they were to declare their independence their words must be unanimous.
Eighty-four years later this nation was engrossed in a bloody Civil War. The country was split at the seems by division, and many men gave their last full measure in order to resolve the disunion.
Forty-nine years later the world was engaged in a world war. One that was supposed to end all wars. In just 21 years the world would once again be involved in a much deadlier war that would claim 70-85 million lives.
In 1945 the world came together in unison to create the United Nations, which would maintain international peace and security.
75 years later we are living in an America that hasn’t been this divided since before the Civil War. The difference today is we are living in a age where our differences can be overcome, and Must, or I fear we will be headed towards an event where once again men and women will be giving their last full measure to resolve the disunion.
When there is division one must look to the one who are pressing the divide. We The People must remember that our leaders derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.
Whether left, middle, or right, we must put aside our differences and seek Unity. E Pluribus Unum, out of many, One. It’s more than a motto, It’s what has kept this Union together for 244 years.