Should we be fooled by “.org” websites

I have noticed a lot of people on facebook promoting the website “” and trying to get their petitions noticed.  On the surface many think that is in fact a non-profit organization that seeks to help raise awareness on local and national issues.  While Change may have begun as a non-profit to connect  charities with donors, it has since transitioned into a for-profit company which makes it’s money by selling “advertised” petitions on it’s webpages.

Contrary to what people may believe “.org”  domains are not restricted to nonprofit organizations  They can actually be registered by anyone.  There are lots of sites that project the appearance of being non-profit, when in fact the company behind them is for-profit.  There are a lot of Companies and sites that like to wear a sheep costume but are wolves to their core.

All this is to say that we must be ever vigilant and use discernment, especially when it comes to offering our support and even our information to websites and social media formats.