The Election You May Not See Coming

At the 2020 Democratic National Convention a little “blunder” was discussed, laughed at, and then put on the back burner.  During her 90 second speech Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seconded the nomination of Bernie Sanders.  While this may seem like a blunder to some, I believe it leaves the door open for a possibility that many Americans will not see coming.

In the instance that something should happen to incapacitate Joe Biden from continuing his run for the election in November, this little movement by the radical left could give the Democratic Party it’s last minute call to action.

We have seen many instances where Joe has shown a little bit of difficulty in speaking when he goes off the script, however yesterday’s speech in Pennsylvania brought to the forefront that he is struggling with just reading the teleprompter.

To think that this year could wind up being different than any other election is to ask 2020 to hold off the impending asteroid that will wipe out half the population.

The first amendment guarantees the right of the press to have freedom in reporting the news.  However when the media itself can’t be relied on to deliver the truth then it is the right of the People’s free speech that must be championed.  If the media who has their right to keep all politicians in check cannot be counted on because of their own agenda, then We The People must seek out the truth and do our own diligent research to ensure that we are as informed as we can be about the issues facing us.

If you are just taking the mainstream media at their face value, then you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  The founders of this republic expected us to be well informed so we could make sound judgement calls when it came to the governing of this country.

The lack of term limits for all members of congress has ensured that the lobbyists get first crack at legislation.  Without term limits we have encouraged our legislators to make a career out of “public service”.

We The People must be proactive in the governing of our nation, or we will not have the constitution to protect us for very much longer.