Think for yourself

If you want to be honest and approach every matter objectively then I appeal to you to watch the #RNC2020 tonight and this week. I will tell you that I watched the DNC with an open mind. I listened to what they said, then did my own research to back up what they said. But, watch it without commentary first so you can hear your own voice. View C-SPAN or PBS , there will be enough commentary for later, view things first through your own eyes.

The Divide can only be bridged when we honestly listen to all points of view and try to keep an open mind, and do our own research.
To write someone off based on your own preconceived notions is to tell yourself that you are not open to forming your own opinions based on your individual right to think.
America is a reflection of it’s people, We The People. Any country, just like it’s people, can only strive to be better by acknowledging that we aren’t perfect. However with the goal of being better tomorrow, we all grow.