NewGrapes Announces Time Will Tell Series to premiere on Youtube

We here at NewGrapes have been working on a project for the past 4 years to bring the history of the Redbank Valley to the screen.  Working with the Redbank Valley Historical Society Inc. We are now proud to announce that the series has started shooting.

In the course of doing research for the different episodes we have been approached by local residents wanting to know how they could help, or even wanting to know how they can order a copy of the DVD of the series.

In response we have decided to give those who want to participate a chance to help through IndiGoGo, a crowdfunding site that allows developers to reward sponsors.

The link to our Indiegogo campaign is here:

While we know that not everyone can financially support out efforts we want to let you know that your social media shares and like are appreciated just as much as those who donate.  And we thank you for that ahead of time!

We hope that you enjoy the series and share it with your friends to let them know about the rich history of the Redbank Valley Area.