I can remember a time when 150 congressmen stood on the steps of the Capitol building and spontaneously started singing “God Bless America”.  It happened to be on the same day we as a country witnessed one of our darkest moments.

Whether you believe it was genuine or a PR stunt is irrelevant, the idea that we came together as Americans is what’s important.  September 11, 2001 was a life changing day for those who experienced it.  It was a day marked with emotions, thoughts, and for a lot, fear.  A lot of people looked to their leaders for support, and in the days following the incidents our leaders put on the face of unity and strength.

The current civil unrest with protesting, riots, and anarchy is a bit unnerving.  Add to it the threat of a global pandemic and you have the recipe for discontent, fear, and rumors of the apocalypse.  Everyday citizens are debating whether wearing a mask or not should be the common acceptance.  People are treating others who disagree with them as equal to the dirt on the ground, and not as equals with themselves.  Just step outside with a mask on and you will receive a lot of looks and may even illicit comments about how “that mask doesn’t do anything for you”.  Step outside without a mask and you may just have your fellow citizens calling a hotline to turn you in for breaking the law.

Just today the House Judiciary Committee “heard” testimony from the Attorney General William Barr.  I say “heard” testimony because most of the dems refused to let him answer their questions and would either assume his answer or tell him that he could not continue his answer because it was infringing on their time.

For 5 months now we have been in a state of lock-down.  The riots started shortly thereafter and have shown no signs of slowing down.  The police have been de-funded in a number of cities and states, while a lot of the populace wants to know if they can even return to church yet.  I shudder as I type these sentences because it all feels like a work of fiction, with the unnerving realization that it is in fact all happening.

Many have been searching for signs from their leaders that everything will be ok.  To date the President has tried to calm the milieu, and for it he has been under attack non stop from the media (well most of them anyways).

In a period such as this, we should be receiving reassurances from our elected officials.  If not all, then the overwhelming majority should be communicating with their constituents that they are in fact working on a solution.  We have as of yet received such assurances.  That is until today.

Watching the treatment of our Attorney General has in fact shown what the dems course of action is.  Blame.  They are not looking for solutions, they are not looking for ways to unify the country, they are not even pretending to care about the social structure of the entire United States.  They have one agenda, and that is to not only not allow Trump to be re-elected, but in fact to utterly destroy his presidency and his reputation.

If we as a country cannot come together to find some semblance of unity in this crisis then I feel we are doomed as a republic experiment.  At this moment unless the People wake up, search for unity, and come to a common solution, there will only be demise for this country.  All you are voting for in November is whether you want to say goodbye to America, our way of life, and freedom, now, or 4 years from now.

United we Stand, or Divided we Fall