The journey we have been traveling has come to a sudden fork in the road. There are but 3 paths to choose. There is no “return to normal”
On the one path the only way forward is for Americans, Democrat, Republican, and Independents have to find a way to work together. This is the natural path forward for the United States, but only if those who love this country can come together and have a verbal discourse and make decisions based on the best outcome for We The People.
The second path leads to Civil War, we have been here before. Do not become a fool in believing that it will not happen again. Here your sons, daughters, mothers and fathers will give their lives for a cause that could have been avoided if those who claim to love this great country could’ve put their disagreements aside and worked together.
The third path is the one we are currently on with so called “protestors”. Be not deceived, the movement of antifa, blm, the deep state, and many others, who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, have been working on destroying this great country for countless decades hoping the silent majority would keep their heads buried in the sand. This path will lead to reeducation camps, public executions, and the general rule of The Party and Big Brother.
To those Americans who are Christian and Jew, pray! Pray unceasingly, not that God be on our side. God does not pick sides. It is US who have to chose to be on God’s side.
To those who love this nation and are not “religious”; Pray! Pray but most of all look for the common ground you can stand firm with your other fellow Americans so that we may steer the country back on it’s true and proper course.
Make no mistake about it, the current unrest is to try and get everyone to focus on the trees, but we must look past it to see the forest.
If our eventuality is the third path, know that God loved you so much that He sent Jesus to pay the price for your everlasting life. Hold on to Hope people, it is the only thing we have.