The information is out there. Please before you belittle or rebuke someone’s online post be sure that you yourself understand the science and all the facts. If you aren’t an expert in a particular field, then maybe you shouldn’t attack a fellow citizen who believes what they are saying has weight.
The division in this country is appalling, too many have chosen a “side” and will fight it to the death.
Some will claim God is on their side, just as the opposition will make the same claim. God does not pick sides, He is His own side. I say we seek and pray endlessly to be on God’s side. We need Hope, humbling, and heeling now more than ever. We MUST realize we as a nation are all on the same ship trying to ride out the present storm. We must recognize the storm is the problem and work together before the ship is torn apart by the storm.
In the next few weeks, or even a month, information will be made known that will in fact show that we have had the “solution” to the Covid-19 problem a long time ago.  They knew about hydroxychloroquine and it’s ability to hinder if not halt the progression of the virus back in 2005.  Yet at the outbreak of the pandemic it was marked as false because the narrative moved to developing a vaccine.  And now doctor’s are being told they can’t prescribe the drug for fear of losing their license. The American public is being told by the MSM that it’s dangerous and we must wait for a vaccine (where someone would make money off of it, and it would be mandatory).
This in turn sparks fear that we shouldn’t let the kids go back to school. The kids need to get back to school, if for no other reason than the physical, mental, and emotional status of these kids.  The best place a child abuser is identified is in the schools.  That one nugget, with the knowledge that there are kids out there being abused physically should be the plea of all decent Americans, Adults, and Teachers. The Children must come first!
Freedoms come at many costs, sometimes a man has to lay down his life for another to have those freedoms protected.  Sometimes those who have been too silent for far too long need to speak up and defend the freedoms they would like to retain. Without a verbal intercourse about the issues we can never reach a point of unity, and with out that we will have no Country. Even  when they were pushing for the Declaration of Independence, our founding father’s tried everything they could to have peace.  We MUST have peace or we will be engaged in a Civil War. Pray for your Christian representative that they be infilled with the Holy Spirit for guidance, and if their fruit is sour then we need to prune them out and put others in office to represent us.