With the release and subsequent take down of a video by a group of doctors, who’s message was counter to the narrative, the underlying question that everyone must confront is this; Was it right to censor their video from all of the big tech sites? And I want to be clear, this has nothing to do with whether you believe they were right or wrong in what they said.

Just like Martin Luther gave his 95 thesis, had there been no media to spread it, his message would have been silenced the day after it was delivered.

Think about that for just one moment.  It calls back to the elementary question of; “If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it does it make a sound?” With censorship they are trying to prevent anyone from being in the forest, and they have shown they can.

In this country we have enjoyed the freedom to spread our voice.  Whether it be through mail, telephone, letters to the editor, and more recently social media.  But we have seen that big tech is not above censoring.  And they have every right to do it.  There are no regulations which prevent them from silencing your voice.  Countless people have already noted how their tweets, videos, and other posts have been demonetized, or suppressed, or outright deleted.

Google has already been proven to suppress and alter their results in the search bar.  Countless content creators on youtube have tried speaking out about their videos being demonetized and not having the reach they use to have.

The ideas of big tech censoring has spawned countless others to try and create their own social media platforms to compete against the big guys.  But they have shown that the wall is nearly untouchable in approach.

When you combine the civil unrest (you can’t go to church, but you can protest in whatever numbers you want), with a global pandemic (numbers show that some people think the US has lost nearly 9% of it’s population to the virus, that’s nearly 30 million deaths), and the outright censorship of our first amendment rights it is clear that the very foundations this country are built on are under attack.  It is an all out war on all flanks to make us crumble before we ever know what happened.

The silent majority seems to be proud of the fact that they are silent.  They magically believe that in November they will make their voices heard by their votes, and suddenly the ship will right itself, and we’ll be back to the way things were.  Yet they forget that even before Trump took office the attacks were levied, from Russian tampering, to the Ukraine, and then a full fledged impeachment attempt which failed (upon which the pandemic started).  If Trump manages to pull off this election the riots will not cease, the corona virus won’t just magically clear up, and he will not have a free reign for 4 years.

The enemies of the state have shown their methods, and have declared war on our way of life.  This has been in the works for decades.  They have been picking away at the foundation of this country for a long time.  Now they have committed to their Pickett’s charge, whether we like it or not they are marching for their win.  The longer the silent majority keeps their head in the sand the less resistance the enemies have to fight.